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Selective Archiving of Documents

posted this on October 23, 2012 16:25

Originally from ticket #12.

Below are 2 issues we've got with Lotus Notes - any chance you could look through them and let me know what your thoughts are?

1. To Do's and Archiving.
How do I stop Lotus Notes archiving To Do's that are still incomplete? Normally I archive by going to All Documents > selecting all documents older than the previous 2 months > archive > archive selected documents.
Doing it this way, calendar entries that are still active don't get archived, my contacts don't get archived (contacts are replicated to my mailfile) but my incomplete To Do's get archived. To get them back I have to open my To Do's from my archive, copy them and get them back - surely there's a better way?

2. Repeating Calendar Entries.
Get an external contact (Exchange / Gmail / whatever) to send you a repeating calendar event - ie: a Monday morning meeting that repeats for 10 weeks.
In Lotus Notes, accept the calendar event - all 10 meetings are added to your calendar (and it creates 10x "stub" calendar events that relate to the main calendar entry). Now archive the main calendar entry (the one in your inbox that you clicked "Accept Meeting" on to create the calendar event).
Get the external contact to then change one of the meetings or cancel all future meetings. The email gets through to Lotus Notes and it either complains that it can't find the event the calendar entry relates to OR it lets you open the event change but when you go to accept the changes in Lotus Notes, it complains that it can't find the main calendar event.

Any thoughts on how to fix these 2 issues we have with Lotus?


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Hi Matt,

what you can do to fix both problems is to create customized archiving(Archiving Criteria);
I have attached 2 snapshots on how to do this, but I'll describe the steps here:

1-from within the database in question(your mailbox I suppose), go to "File-Application-Properties"
2-Select "Archive settings"
3-Press "create" button
4-Give a descriptive name to new Archiving criteria( ex.:Selective_Archiving)
5-click check box to enable Criteria
6-Press the "Selection Criteria" button
7-Select within how many days the archiving criteria should act on documents
8-Select "only in these views or folders", and highlight from list below which views or folders will the Selection criteria be active on.(Leave To Do's and Calendar unchecked)
8-Click ok, and click ok on the following pop up boxes
9-Set Schedule of when Selection Criteria should run, or dont set it to manually run it from the Archiving button in your mailbox.

Kind Regards

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